The CCK Experience

In an effort to honor the mission statement, the following goals were established to provide specific outcomes for the camp program:

  • To establish multiple supportive relationships with adults and peers.

  • To enhance self esteem and confidence.

  • To promote growth through self discovery and expression.

  • To develop a sense of independence and group interaction.

  • To experience an environment of physical and emotional safety

  • To provide the finest medical care that is non-intrusive to camp life, thus providing a "normal" camp experience that would otherwise be unlikely due to medical challenges.

This means that while we ensure that our campers are having fun swimming, fishing, and riding horses, we are also dedicated to creating an environment that fosters opportunities for making excellent choices, creating and sustaining healthy relationships with peers, building personal confidence to work through challenges and achieve personal goals.

These are the kind of "life experiences" that you can expect your child to have at camp:

  • Choosing between many options over the course of the week

  • Being a teammate and working with others towards common goals

  • New activities, dancing, trying new foods and interacting with people of different backgrounds

  • Opportunities to perform in front of groups

  • Opportunities to express their opinions

  • Learning to share resources with fellow campers and compromising

  • Practicing "supervised" independence away from relatives

  • Being away from television, radios, IPods, cell phones and other multimedia

  • Opportunities to lead

Our commitment is to ensure that our campers not only have these life learning experiences, but that they can keep these experiences with them as they grow. We look forward to welcoming your child to The Center for Courageous Kids, where we are not only providing a camp experience, but also building personal growth and a positive community for the campers we proudly serve. Click on the camper applications link on the left side of your screen. If you have any questions concerning, or want to provide behavioral information that would allow us to assist in your child's transition to camp, please contact our Camp Director, Emily Cosby at (270) 618-2900.  

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