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Introducing CCK’s Adventure Lodge

The debut of CCK’s Adventure Lodge, part of our Tree House Camping Program, takes our world-class facility into new heights as we surpass any other medical camps’ offerings. With our innovative design and intentional purpose, children of ALL abilities will be able to experience camp in the forest as they roam through the fully-accessible tree house. Located in the nearby woods, CCK’s Adventure Lodge will present an outdoor, educational opportunity these children might not have outside of camp based on their abilities. With the tree house being so large, 30 ft. X 30 ft. and up to 24 ft. off the ground, these children will be able to have a new perspective on their surroundings; ultimately encouraging creativity and passion in the activities taking place. With a 40 ft. entrance ramp, children of ALL abilities will be able to access this empowering spot on camp. See Below for some of the Adventure Lodge Programs.

Adventure Lodge Activities

  • Art Therapy activities designed to invigorate imagination and process life experiences
  • Environmental awareness and conservation programming designed to allow participants to explore nature
  • Self-Advocacy workshops that emphasize mental health management
  • Illness-specific workshops that provides children greater control on their diagnosis
  • Camp out opportunities in a child-like setting while enjoying medical supervision
  • Reflection periods to enjoy the nature and serene setting

With your help, we can take these campers to the treetops! To offset the material and construction costs, as well as ongoing programming within CCK’s Adventure Lodge, we need to raise $40,000 by May 8th, 2019!

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For questions, please contact Daniel Tinsley, Director of Development at OR call 1.270.618.2900 ext: 224