Meet Ally

Ally looks like an active and carefree 12-year-old who is already making plans for her summer! When you talk to Ally, you find out she spends much of her extra time at archery competitions, swimming, singing, drawing, and camping cross-country with her family. One does not see the medical condition that she lives with every day, a condition she carefully factors into every social decision.  Ally was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at a very young age. Diabetes is an unseen complex illness, and for a long time, many of Ally’s peers didn’t understand. Her biggest challenge with her diabetes is having to constantly have a device working on her body at all times. She has to be prepared every single day with her supplies. She carries extra insulin pods, an extra glucose monitor, insulin, and snacks for when her sugar gets low. Given all of what Ally has to take care of daily, one can imagine the trust and courage it took for her parents to let Ally come to CCK independently. CCK’s 24-hour medical coverage allows Ally to take part in all of her favorite camp activities, without the worry of handling all of her medical requirements alone. Plus, the friendships she has made at CCK have provided support and understanding in knowing she is not alone in her fight.

Give the gift of camp to a Courageous Kid just like Ally!