Parent Tools/Advice

CCK’s Dedication to our Campers and Parents:

While are dedicated to ensuring that your camper is having fun swimming, fishing,
riding horses and spending time with friends. We also make it our mission to
provide YOU, as the parent, the tools and resources that will provide comfort,
confidence, and excitement before sending your child to CCK for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What will my child get to experience while at CCK?

  • Learn how to be a teammate and work with others towards common goals.
  • Experience and take part in new and exciting activities, try new foods, and experience healing therapies through art and music.
  • Interact with kids who have the same medical diagnosis.
  • Gain confidence that will allow them to discover and develop new talents.
  • An environment that provides the opportunity to express their opinions.
  • Practice “supervised” independence away from relatives.
  • Unplug and be away from television, radios, IPods, cell phones and other multimedia.
  • Opportunity to lead.
  • Education programs that teach skills (such as outdoor living, equine care, cooking their
    own recipes).

Please visit our FAQ page to get more helpful information on camp, what to
expect, medical care, and what we offer to our campers.