Fund The Adventure

Our 2019 Summer Staff is collectively raising funds for CCK’s Adventure Lodge, part of our Tree House Camping Program. Make your donation today, to help them reach their goal of $1,500 by August 1st

Adventure Lodge Information

The Adventure Lodge will include a 30 ft. X 30 ft. room, and a wraparound deck that is up to 24 ft. off the ground. A 40 ft. ramp will be constructed so that it is accessible for all our campers to take part in the fun activities.

Adventure Lodge Activities

  • Art Therapy activities designed to invigorate imagination and process life experiences
  • Environmental awareness and conservation programming designed to allow participants to explore nature
  • Self-Advocacy workshops that emphasize mental health management
  • Illness-specific workshops that provides children greater control on their diagnosis
  • Camp out opportunities in a child-like setting while enjoying medical supervision
  • Reflection periods to enjoy the nature and serene setting

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